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Sol Stone Wine identity

Identity, Consumer

Great wines, like people, build character by overcoming tough challenges. This concept underlies the visual YaM Brand created to identify Sol Stone, a small Washington State boutique winery. The name “Sol Stone” celebrates the hardiness of vineyards, growing from rocky soil under hot sun, and the winery honors resilience by donating to organizations that help people prevail over adversity. YaM Brand easily related to Sol Stone’s mission and chose to convey its message through simplicity. The agency also considered research showing that 65% of wines are purchased by women, with the majority of women selecting a wine based on how much they like the label. Keeping in mind a target market of women between the ages of 30 and 45, YaM focused on creating label that is is graphically pleasing, though not stereotypically feminine, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive—from both women and men.

Angela Mack/Michael Young, art directors; Angela Mack, designer/illustrator; YaM Brand (Seattle, WA), design firm; Sol Stone Wine, client.