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“Soulmates” spot for Axe

TV/Radio Commercials, Consumer

Axe recently re-launched its product range with innovative new cans, redesigned packaging and upgraded fragrance quality. To support the launch, BBH London created a campaign that rewrites history to demonstrate the power of the new, upgraded Axe. The “Soulmates” spot tells men that the new Axe products let them transform their fortunes and make their own fate in a way that wasn’t previously possible. BBH recognized that the rules of seduction have changed, so while the agency still wanted to promote Axe’s ability to help men succeed in the game of attraction, “Soulmates” adopts a more progressive take on the story by reflecting a thoughtful and romantic view of a relationship through the ages. The :90 film follows a young man determined to find his true love, in spite of adversity. It’s an optimistic take on romance that shows that soulmates do exist, even though they sometimes need a little help to find one another.

Matt Fitch, art director; Mark Lewis, writer; Gary Gary McCreadie/Wesley Hawes/David Kolbusz, creative directors; Tim Hudson, director of photography; Rick Russell, editor; The Most Radicalist Black Sheep Music, music; Miles Kempton/Raja Sehgal, sound design; Tim Godsall, director; Rick Jarjoura, producer; Chris Watling, agency producer; Leland Music, music producer; Orlando Wood, executive producer; Biscuit Filmworks, production company; Electric Theatre Collective, post-production company; BBH London (London, United Kingdom), ad agency; Unilever, Axe, client.