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Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit

Digital Displays, Education

Unified Field began creating the interactive components of the Kennedy Space Center’s new Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit after the physical space, designed by PGAV, had been completed. The designers could see that the exhibit would give them a very unique opportunity to use interactive digital technology to place visitors in the role of the astronaut. It has proved to be a feature that captivates all exhibit guests, from kids to grown-ups who remember watching the space shuttle on the evening news. Unified Field created simple entry points into the space center’s massive store of information on the history, technology and science behind space travel, opening a wide range of experiences for visitors at all levels of aerospace expertise.

Maureen Lin, art director; Gregory Peduto, writer; Michael Muldoon, designer; Jeff Miller, technology director; Jeffrey Becker/John Singer/Henry Tseng/Charles Yust, programmers; Yang Yang, 3-D modeling; Marla Supnick, project director; Jason Bell, producer; Tim Steinouer, associate producer; Unified Field (New York, NY), project design and development; Kennedy Space Center, client.