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The Standard identity

Identity, Entertainment

The Standard at The Smith House is Nashville’s only remaining grand townhouse, a unique collision of history, mystery and fine cuisine. Spread out over three floors, this 1843 architectural marvel features secret passageways, a tunnel rumored to have been part of the Underground Railroad during the Civil War, and relics from world travels and extreme sporting and hunting expeditions. The Standard is now home to an award-winning restaurant and a prohibition-style cigar, wine, whiskey and social club, hosting events that range from intimate singer-songwriter nights to black-tie-only boxing matches. One club member, a former EA Sports executive, encouraged BOHAN designer Josh Ford to develop a brand identity that matched the building’s elegant but quirky 1840s origins. With the help of the new brand, The Standard has become a dining and social magnet for the most interesting people in Nashville, from music stars and professional athletes to government and business leaders.

Kerry Graham, writer; Josh Ford, designer; Jon Arnold, creative director; Bohan Advertising (Nashville, TN), ad agency; The Standard/Nashville, client.