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Stay Safe campaign outdoor ads

Out-of-Home Ads, Public Service

How do you create a campaign that gets people interested in a message they’ve been hearing for years? Safe sex is no less important now than it has ever been, but the message about condoms and HIV is so familiar that it can become dangerously easy to tune it out. So Frost* took an unusual approach to the Ending HIV initiative by Australian LGBTI health organization ACON: they made it a laughing matter. In previous years, the Ending HIV campaign has had great success with simple, bold ads. Frost* leveraged that success by maintaining a clean, bold look but adding an edgy sense of humor to keep people engaged, even when they’ve seen it all before.

Carlo Giannasca, art director; Graziela Machado, designer; Anthony Donovan/Vince Frost, creative directors; Frost* (Surry Hills, Australia), design firm; AIDS Council of New South Wales, client.