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Stop Vitamin Cruelty spot

Online Ads, Consumer

ACTIVATE drinks are poised to shake up the stodgy world of vitamin beverages with a package design that’s truly innovative: the bottle cap keeps the vitamins sealed away until you twist it open. Why? Because certain vitamins lose potency when they sit in water, and if the drink’s nutritional content doesn’t pack a punch, what’s the point?

ACTIVATE’s bottle is a handy solution, but it addresses a problem most consumers don’t know they have. Boutique agency Creature vs Culture set about fixing that with a PSA—not about humans suffering from drinking diluted vitamins, but the plight of the poor vitamins helplessly drowning in sports beverages. The “Stop Vitamin Cruelty” spot is part of a 360-degree campaign for ACTIVATE, and since it went live, the brand has seen a 20 percent increase in Facebook likes and an 80 percent jump in unique visits to its website. All told, brand awareness has grown by 500 percent. Creature vs Culture worked closely with Punga on the animation, Casserole Labs on the Facebook app and TheEnd on music.

Rodier Kidmann/Franco Vecchi, art directors; Alan Denton/Mark Svartz, writers; Aaron Duffy, executive creative director; Araminta Atherton/Hernan Gonzalez/Tico Jonse/Justin Winslow, designers; Esther Barfed/TJ Eisenstein/Blake Rutledge/Andre Smith/Paul Stallings, contributing artists; Tory Sica, storyboard artist; Kathy Kozai, quality assurance; Lizzi Akana/Leo Campasso/Jose Checa/Masayoshi Nakamura, animators; Punga, animation; Armando Carrasquel/Gustavo Federico/Guido Lambertini/Ezequiel Leiva, 3-D modeling; Manu Correa Soto/Claudio Iriarte, editors; TheEnd, music company; Headroom, audio mixer; Tomi Dieguez, director; Gabriel Fermanelli, special effects director; Malu Rodriguez Arnedo/Fer Soma, line producers; Topper Anton/Nikki Castillo, producers; Michael Eisenstein, associate producer; Sam Penfield/Patricio Verdi Brusati, executive producers; 1stAveMachine, production company; Creature vs Culture (Brooklyn, NY), ad agency; Activate Drinks, client.