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Storied Sips book illustration

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Haven’t you ever wondered, while sipping a Mint Julep or a Gin Fizz, about the origin of your aperitif? There is no shortage of cocktail lore out there, but Storied Sips is a cut above, combining interesting facts with visual artistry and style that you won’t find in any old bartender’s bible. Author Erica Duecy spent months researching the histories of iconic cocktails from decades past, and then turned the info over to artist and illustrator Poul Lange, who created lovely, lighthearted collages based on each drink’s origin. You’ll find everything from the Moscow Mule (credited with popularizing vodka in the U.S. in the 1950s) to the Last Word (created during Prohibition at the Detroit Athletic Club’s speakeasy—one of the best places to drink during the era, due to its proximity to the Canadian border). Vintage photos, graphics and bottle labels are incorporated into stylized, textural illustrations.

Erica Duecy, writer; Chie Ushio, designer; Fabrizio La Rocca, Random House (New York, NY) creative director; Poul Lange, illustrator; Random House, client.