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Strange Adventures ads

Print Ads, Consumer

Finding the perfect present for a comic book fan, if you’re not an aficionado yourself, is a feat that requires some serious superpowers. This campaign by Impact Communications lets anxious gift buyers know that Strange Adventures comic shops are there to save the day with the perfect gift for someone who probably already has “the best Batman comic.” The idea of representing this visually with an actual Batman-shaped present seemed ludicrous and impossible, which is exactly why Impact chose to do it. By carving these iconic comic book symbols out of Styrofoam and painstakingly wrapping them up, they created tactile visuals with a far greater impact than a mere drawing or feat of Photoshop fakery.

Pierre Tabbiner, art director; Eric Miller, creative director; Nathan Boone, photographer; Impact Communications (Halifax, Canada), ad agency; Strange Adventures Comic Book Shops, client.