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Street Sweets identity design

Identity, Consumer

For its identity, Street Sweets wanted something bold and fun, that would immediately catch people’s eyes on the busy streets of New York, with a level of sophistication and a nod to the European-inspired treats that sparked the beginning of their business. The concept for the visual identity came from the idea of a street map and the hand-painted facades of French pâtisseries that use typography as texture. The identity, by New York’s Landers Miller Design, is a juxtaposition of the round Street Sweets logo and a horizontal and vertical grid of bold graphics and giant, tasty words in Hoefler & Frere-Jones’s Cyclone typeface. It’s a flexible identity system that makes a strong impact and applies well to the truck, the Web site, packaging and collateral all without having to rely on photography or illustration.

Rick Landers/Colleen Miller, designers.