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Strong Nutrients packaging

Packaging, Consumer

To introduce Strong, a new brand of supplements, London-based design firm Pearlfisher aimed to create a brand that would stand out in the crowded and functional-looking vitamin market. The design celebrates the concept of “beauty from within” to bring the product’s benefits to life. “The idea was to create an visual story using the metaphor of beautiful and elegant birds that have hidden strength,” says Karen Welman, Pearlfisher’s founding partner and chief creative officer.

Welman’s team created custom hand-drawn typography for the brand name and commissioned a series of bespoke bird illustrations for an unexpected and emotional visualization of Strong’s promise to consumers. A bright yellow canary was used for the Sunshine Pill to illustrate the radiance of a healthy immune system and strong bones, and an owl suggests optimal brain performance for users of the Brain Box supplement. “The end result is visually arresting, creating strong visibility both in retail and online environments,” Welman says.

Andy Lyons, illustrator; Pearlfisher, (London, United Kingdom) design firm; Zana Morris, The Library, client.