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Subaru Let’s Do That spot

Online Ads, Consumer

This ambitious spot is part of Subaru’s Love campaign (“Love—It's what makes a Subaru a Subaru”), and it explores Man’s greatest emotion in a variety of scenic landscapes. “Let's Do That,” created by veteran director/cinematographer Lance Acord, shows how a new Subaru helps a couple go from talking about doing stuff to actually doing stuff, like log rolling, catching a falcon, tasting bug sushi and soaking in a not-so-private hot spring—because love comes in many forms, and can show up in unexpected places.

Brad Harrison, art director; William Bloomfield, writer; Dave Damman, chief creative director; Randy Hughes, executive creative director; Joe Grundhoefer/Brynn Hausmann, project directors; Carmichael Lynch (Minneapolis, MN), ad agency; Subaru of America, client.