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Subaru "Moral Support" TV spot

TV/Radio Commercials, Consumer

The London Olympic Games highlighted the world’s most gifted athletes—and their incredible, enduring support systems. Subaru of America Inc. and its creative agency, Minneapolis-based Carmichael Lynch, demonstrate the benefits of having support in their latest advertising for the 2013 Subaru Impreza. From the campaign that includes eight TV spots, “Moral Support” features a husband is able to cheer-on his wife throughout a bike race because of the Impreza’s on- and off-road versatility. Support is what helps people accomplish their goals. Love and a Subaru help them get there.

Michael Rogers, Carmichael Lynch, art director; Conn Newton, Carmichael Lynch, writer; Randy Hughes, Carmichael Lynch, executive creative director; Dave Damman, Carmichael Lynch, chief creative officer; Joe Grundhoefer, Carmichael Lynch, director of integrated production; Vince Squibb, Gorgeous, director; Alwin Kuchler, Gorgeous, director of photography; Rupert Smythe, Gorgeous, line producer; Paul Rothwell, Gorgeous/Jeff Baron, Gorgeous, executive producers; Brynn Hausmann, Carmichael Lynch, executive senior producer; Rick Lawley, The Whitehouse, editor; Shane Reid, The Whitehouse, assistant editor; Steve Medin, Volt, online artist; Sean Coleman, Company 3, telecine; Carl White, BWN, audio mixer; Carl White, BWN, sound designer; Tim Myers, "Wonderful Life," music; Jonathan Hecht, music supervisor; Vicki Oachs, Carmichael Lynch, business manager; Andy Gorski, Carmichael Lynch/Kristen Stengel, Carmichael Lynch, account services team.

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