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Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid print campaign

Print Ads, Consumer

When creating this campaign, Lowe Jakarta Indonesia wanted to communicate that it takes only one teaspoon of Sunlight to wash a lot of dishes. The creative solution is based on a series of ads that look like recipe pages. Placed in cooking magazines, the ads (titled “Appetizer,” “Main Course” and “Dessert”) contain multiple ingredients for a single recipe, each in its own bowl—a teaspoon of Sunlight is included among them. Despite the fact that the brand logo doesn't appear anywhere in the ads, Sunlight is the number one dishwashing liquid brand in Indonesia. Subtle branding works.

Syarif Hidayat, senior art director; Bondan Esp, senior writer; Ferly Novriadi, creative director; Din Sumedi, executive creative director; Artli Ali, photographer; Rudy Harianto, retoucher; Unilever Indonesia, client.