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Supima "Superior" print campaign

Print Ads, Business

In early 2012, Johannes Leonardo launched JLF, a new dedicated practice within the agency to focus on the rapidly evolving industries of fashion and luxury. Its first campaign, commissioned by luxury cotton maker Supima, just launched. Grown exclusively in the southwest United States—softer, stronger and retains color far longer than other cottons—it represents the top three percent of cotton produced globally. The campaign is a thought-provoking take on the brand name (shorthand for Superior Pima cotton) and features a series of metaphorical interpretations of the definition of superior. Shot by photographer Roe Ethridge and featuring products from Supima’s licensees (including Lacoste, Splendid, Brooks Brothers and Bloomingdale’s), the style is bold, a bit surreal and blurs the boundary between art and fashion.

Enrico Pirondi, art director; Ferdinando Verderi, creative director/co-founder; Roe Ethridge, Artist Commissions, photographer; Tali Magali, Freebird/Mona Elsayed/Alexis Stember, producers.

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