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SurfEasy subway posters

Out-of-Home Ads, Consumer

SurfEasy makes a unique plug-and-play Internet privacy app. Turning people on to the product meant educating the public about the inherent danger of using smartphones and computers on unsecured Wi-Fi networks, which risks the safety of their money, personal information and digital identities. Ad agency kbs+ Toronto transformed the globally recognized Wi-Fi icon into a symbol of protection, security and impenetrability, and ran the campaign on subway cars in the wake of an announcement that two of Toronto’s busiest subway stations would be offering free public Wi-Fi.

Travis Cowdy, art director; Phil Coulter, writer; Lyranda Martin Evans, creative director; Dan Pawych, chief creative officer; Abdul Mohamud/Andrew Vucko, 3-D designers; kbs+ (Toronto, Canada), ad agency, SurfEasy, client.