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Surfrider Foundation ads

Print Ads, Public Service

The scale of plastic pollution in our oceans is out of control—the statistics are frightening. The lack of responsibility claimed by most governments leaves it to organizations like Surfrider to raise awareness of the issue and encourage people to take action on an individual level. Rather than do a typically graphic, hard-hitting campaign, Australian agency Arnold Furnace chose to give the ads power through subtlety. The campaign attracts viewers by emulating the kinds of amazing surf shots we’re all used to seeing. It’s only when we look a little closer that we understand all is not well. The ads appeared in both surfing and mainstream media and have generated fantastic coverage for the Surfrider Foundation and the wider issue of plastic pollution.

Luke Duggan/James Gali Barrow, art directors; Cameron Brown, writer; Tom Spicer, executive creative director; Darren Cole, typographer; Zak Noyle, photographer; Cream Cream Studios, retoucher; Chris Hulsman, producer; Arnold Furnace (Sydney, Australia), ad agency; Surfrider Foundation, client.