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TAASA “Break the Box” TV spot

TV/Radio Commercials, Public Service

Sexual violence isn’t just about rape or physical harassment. It begins when we hurt people through the words we use and attitudes we carry. In this new campaign from Citizen, the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA) aims to challenge gender stereotypes, for instance, that boys should do physical activities and girls need to be “ladylike”—attitudes that limit our potential and self-worth, and create an unequal balance of power that perpetuates sexual violence. In Texas alone, nearly thirteen percent of all Texans have been sexually assaulted—that’s nearly two million people, one in five women and one in twenty men. While this remains a big problem, we can Break The Box. Spots shown in movie theaters, on Facebook and in mobile ads drive users to take the pledge.

Ian Boyle, art director; Tu Vu, writer; Lily Donovan-Seid, designer/creative; Kirsten Kjeldsen, designer; Nathan Robinson/Andrew Sinagra, directors; Jenna Lohouse/Lindsay Adams/Nadia Patel, producers: Robin Raj, executive creative director: David Cumpton/Sarah Flores, strategy; Ntropic, VFX/editorial company; Chromista, production company; Remote Control Productions, music production; Nico Abondolo/Hans Zimmer, music; Citizen, design firm; TAASA, client.