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Table N°1 identity and collateral design

Consumer, Collateral

Set in a sleek and simplistic interior, Table N°1, Shanghai’s first gastro-bar serves up tapas-style modern European cuisine and encourages social interaction with a long communal tables. The brand identity, with its use of brown kraft and newsprint paper throughout the collateral system, was created by Singapore’s Foreign Policy Design Group and is based on the restaurant’s simple and unpretentious environment. A basic folder and clips are used for the menu (the distressed and rusted look of the clips aligns with the history and location of the former warehouse); order pads are created from newsprint and are hand-stamped with the restaurant logo; and the business cards fold to mimic the communal dining tables.

Yah-Leng Yu, art director; Tianyu Isaiah Zheng (TY), designer; Yah-Leng Yu/Arthur Chin, creative directors; Allegro Print, printer; Aachen/Trade Gothic Bold Condensed No.20, typeface.

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