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No Tankers posters

Posters, Public Service

Rethink created protest posters for the Dogwood Initiative as part of the organization’s ongoing No Tankers campaign, an endeavor to keep oil tankers out of British Columbia’s coastal waters. The posters were made with environmentally friendly, water-soluble ink and were placed above wild postings around downtown Vancouver. When it rained, the ink bled onto posters below, a graphic representation of how oil spills affect everyone. Rethink documented the experience and a video was shared through social media. It has been viewed more than 62,000 times on YouTube and Vimeo.

Todd Takahashi, art director; David Giovando, writer; Ian Grais/Chris Staples, creative directors; Chris Nielsen, editor; Carson Ting, photographer; Tom Pettapiece, music; Ninette Aves, producer; Daylan Wong/Jillian Yaehne, project managers; Rethink, (Vancouver, Canada), advertising agency; Dogwood Initiative, client.