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Tazo Tea packaging

Packaging, Consumer

When you think of Starbucks, you probably think of coffee (or maybe a double iced skinny caramel mocha), but the caffeine powerhouse recently branched out into more soothing territory with a store dedicated to Tazo teas. Starbucks wanted a dreamy, atmospheric campaign to promote the opening of the Seattle shop, a modern Alice in Wonderland with iconography drawn from different times, places and cultures, to express Tazo’s manifesto, “life reblended.” The Starbucks creative staff searched for a photographer who had the ability to capture the right mix of magic and whimsy, and they found their man in advertising photographer Cade Martin. “He completely understood, but inspired us to further refine the concepts for each shot,” says creative director Daniele Monti. “He created an excitement that pushed the project to a whole new level.” Martin and his team created images for both the campaign and Tazo’s packaging that are reminiscent of movie filmstrips, each one with a story that goes beyond the frame.

Kristy Cameron/Amy Lam, art directors; Nicole Gutierrez Harter, designer; Daniele Monti, creative director; Cade Martin (Bethesda, MD), photographer; Jodi Morrison, art buyer; Starbucks, client.