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Tell a Story Mobile Bookstore identity

Identity, Consumer

Portugal has a celebrated literary history, but relatively few people know about it. It’s fairly uncommon for a non-native speaker to read Portuguese, and tourists are unaware that getting to know the country’s many exquisite writers should be part of their visit. The idea of Tell a Story was to solve both problems by selling books by Portuguese authors, translated into several languages, to tourists in Lisbon. There is no better way to remember a trip than with a book, and the bookstore itself is ready to travel—it’s a shop on wheels that can go find tourists instead of waiting for them to stumble upon a storefront. Lisbon firm MSTF Partners gave the project depth and personality, creating a name, visual identity, a fully functional mobile book bus and even a downloadable custom font based on the handwriting of Portuguese authors. “Tell a Story is the perfect result of teamwork between the client and the agency,” says creative director Daniel Palma, “which is, in itself, a happy story.”

Juiliana Braga/Sara Couto/Pedro Lima, writers; Daniel Palma, designer/creative director; Susana Sequeira/Lourenço Thomaz, executive creative directors; Gil Correia, digital design director; Joana Correia, typography; Ricardo Figueiras, illustrator; Miguel Santos, web designer; Rita Caetano, web developer; Pedro Domingos, agency producer; MSTF Partners (Lisbon, Portugal), ad agency; Tell a Story, client.