Tequila 512 identity Exhibit

Tequila 512 identity

The Butler Bros bottles the spirit of Jalisco, Mexico, and Austin, Texas, in its rebrand for Tequila 512.

The Austin, Texas–based tequila brand Tequila 512 partnered with Austin-based design firm The Butler Bros to deliver a rebrand capable of telling its unique story. The Double Gold–winning tequila was founded by entrepreneur Scott Willis with little more than a passion for tequila and a plane ticket from Austin to Mexico. The Butler Bros took the same trip, following Willis down to Jalisco, Mexico, in search of the perfect way to brand this smooth-finishing spirit.

“By visiting the La Cofradia distillery, we learned that the tequila was made with volcanic spring water,” says Marty Butler, cofounder of The Butler Bros. “And we were struck by the hand-painted signs on every wall in the small town of Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico. This timeless style of signage is all over Austin, too.”

The place was a muse for the design, but that’s only half the story. Willis’s original desire to produce a smoother tequila was born from Austin’s attitude about the spirit: in Austin, tequila isn’t saved for special occasions, but enjoyed whenever. The Butler Bros captured that idea in the brand’s new positioning as “The Perfect Anytime Tequila.”

“We’re proud of the new look, but it’s still only as good as the liquid that fills the bottle,” says Butler. “That’s why the last thing that goes on the package is a seal that reads, ‘It’s Good Juice.’”




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