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This Is How I Learn My ABC app

Apps, Education

To teach kids the letters of the alphabet, Dutch design studio 3rd Floor went old-school. Designer Bart De Keyzer was inspired by the educational posters he used to see in school when he was a child. He decided to take the style and enliven it with bright colors and fun animal imagery. De Keyzer started with a poster series and a book, and, encouraged by an overwhelmingly positive response in the United States and Asia, he created an app that translates the print project into an interactive experience with sound and animation. De Keyzer wanted to encourage adults and kids to read and learn together, so he included funny little facts especially for the entertainment of grown-ups helping little ones use the app. There are also two educational games that use a scoring system designed to keep kids coming back for more, and, due to popular demand, 3rd Floor is working on an additional game and a Dutch translation of the app.

Bart De Keyzer, designer; Frederik Jacques, programmer; 3rd Floor (Breda, The Netherlands), design firm/client.