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Torch Coffee identity

Identity, Consumer

Unlike many identity projects, this integrated branding program for Torch Coffee Roasters was made to be changed. Chen Design Associates (CDA) designed the branding to be a foundation for the company’s growth, and so avoided the concept of a static, universal logo. Instead, the Torch identity includes a rich visual vocabulary that provides the company with a range of varied yet cohesive ways to express itself. Torch focuses on single-origin coffees, which CDA expressed with bold colors and subtle map renderings specific to each country from which beans are sourced. Custom illustrated icons represent special processing methods and suggest the care taken in producing the coffees.

Joshua C. Chen/Max Spector, art directors; Ryan Bosse/Kimberly Low/Max Spector, designers; Joshua C. Chen, creative director; Chen Design Associates (San Francisco, CA), design firm; Torch Coffee Roasters, client.