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Type/Design exhibition

Exhibition Design, Education

Dutch graphic designer Jurriaan Schrofer (1926-1990) was a prolific and multifaceted creator: type designer, photo-book pioneer, art director, teacher, arts administrator and environmental artist. The Type/Dynamics exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum is inspired by the publication of a doctoral thesis on Schrofer by Dutch author Frederike Huygen. The museum invited LUST, a multidisciplinary graphic design practice based in The Hague, to create the exhibition, because of their expertise in presenting graphic design through nontraditional media. LUST used cutting-edge materials and techniques to create an installation that reacts to, and dialogues with, Schrofer’s work. The combination of Schrofer’s creations and LUST’s exhibition design creates an interesting tension: Schrofer’s typographic art might appear to have been created on a computer, but in fact it predates the digital era and was designed entirely by hand. For LUST, however, the computer is an indispensable tool, and their work is inspired by exploring the possibilities of design for new media and technology. The compelling result mixes digital and analog, typography and graphics, design and art.

LUST (The Hague, Netherlands), exhibition developer; Stedelijk Museum, executive creative director/client.