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University of Oregon Ford Alumni Center interactives

Digital Displays, Education

While most alumni centers are heritage repositories celebrating the past, the Ford Alumni Center equally cultivates the future. As the new front door to the university, this dynamic building welcomes all visitors and immerses them in the pioneering spirit that defines the University of Oregon, providing equal parts inspiration and information. As the launching point for campus tours, thousands of prospective students get their first impression of the Oregon experience in the Interpretive Center—a 2,000-square-foot space filled with media installations. Portland, Oregon-based Second Story Interactive created nine towering “Oregon Cascades” that serve stories, information and artifacts; an interactive “Alumni Table” that recognizes every alum in the school’s history; and an “Entry Wall” with the day’s campus events and the names of the donors whose contributions made the center possible.

Scott Smith, writer; Chris Dewan, lead designer; Aaron Walser, visual designer; Matt Sundstrom, interaction designer; Aaron Walser/Shoam Thomas, environmental/physical designers; Christian Bannister/Shoam Thomas, preliminary experience designers; Brad Johnson, creative director; Aubrey Francois, digital media developer; Donny Richardson/Matt Arnold/Sreekrishnan Jayadevan, developers; Thomas Reynolds, systems developer; David Brewer, lead systems developer; Thomas Wester, technology director; Heather Daniel, producer; David Waingarten/Scott Smith, content producers; David Waingarten, media producer; Julie Beeler, executive producer; Jen Guibord, studio director; Sara Siri/Lisa Kennedy, production artists; Jen Dolan/Elizabeth Bourke, production coordinators; Meagan Geer, environmental graphics; Lars Uwe Bleher/Jan Schmelter, exhibition architects; Matt Arnold, integration engineer; Sam Jeibmann, prototyper; Lexington, fabricator; MAD Systems, AV systems integration.