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Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Fishing posters

Entertainment, Posters

Utah is a fisherman’s paradise. The Wasatch Front, where most of the state’s population resides, is just a short drive from pristine lakes, rivers and streams. To encourage locals to take advantage of the incredible fishing spots nearby, Utah-based agency Fluid chose to remind them of the benefits of getting away from it all. This point-of-purchase poster campaign for The Utah Division Of Wildlife Resources entices people to get out and cast a line. Fluid worked with local photographer and avid fisherman Adam Barker to capture the beauty of the area. The copy, handwritten on old-fashioned baggage tags, reinforces the call to drop the unnecessary trappings of the daily grind and enjoy unencumbered life in the outdoors.

Ryan Anderson, art director/creative director; Jeff Dunn, writer; Adam Barker, photographer; Fluid (Bountiful, UT), ad agency; Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, client.