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Vespa Geek/Hipster ads

Print Ads, Consumer

At the highest levels of hipsterdom, the line between geeky and cool can be pretty fine. Designers at ACW Grey Israel came face-to-face with this fact when visiting a local Vespa showroom in search of some insight into the scooters’ perpetually chic appeal. They noticed a bespectacled, geeky-looking shopper in the hallway, but when they saw the same nerdy guy standing next to a pale-blue Vespa, they realized that he suddenly looked stylish. The ad concept was born at that moment, and has been embraced not only by advertising journals but fashion blogs as well.

Shlomi Yerushalmi, art director; Shay Chikotay, writer; Moti Rubinstein, creative director; Tal Riven, chief creative director; Yaron Itzhakov, photographer; Shiran Nimron, agency producer; Galit Siman-Tov, executive producer; ACW Grey Israel (Tel-Aviv, Israel), ad agency; Ofer Avnir, client.