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Vodafone, The Kiss

TV/Radio Commercials, Consumer

Grey London created The Kiss, a short film advertising Vodafone Red. The film, a simple and elegant interpretation of Vodafone’s slogan “Good things should last forever,” depicts a couple sharing a kiss at various stages throughout their life together, from youth to old age. “A life and a love are condensed into one flowing, cinematic moment,” says creative director Jonathan Marlow. By telling a story through a single recurring image, without narration or dialogue, The Kiss transcends language and culture.

Jonathan Marlow, art director/creative director; Leo Rayman, writer; Nils Leonard, executive creative director; Sam Rice Edwards, editor; Frederic Planchon, video director; Ludovico Einaudi, music; Simon Cooper, producer; Ange Eleini, agency producer; Grey London (London, United Kingdom), ad agency; Barbara Haase, Vodafone/Mel Hopkins, Vodafone, clients.