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Volkswagen "Vet" TV spot

TV/Radio Commercials, Consumer

From Deutsch LA, “Vet,” shows the benefit of VW’s keyless access for dog owners who have dogs that will eat anything. In one of the creative team’s favorite spots of the year, the commercial continues the Volkswagen tradition of marketing through simple, human stories. It shows how the Jetta’s keyless systems works in even the most extreme circumstances when a frustrated dog owner discovers that the reason he can’t find his car keys is that his bulldog has swallowed them. He quickly realizes that he can open his car and drive it even if the keys aren’t actually in his hand. Shot by feature film director Noam Murro, the commercial finds a way to describe a feature with an story instead of a set of specs. As for the dog, and Johnny Cash fans, the endearing dog is introduced with Cash’s cover of “Dirty Ol’ Egg-Sucking Dog.”

Paul Oberlin, Deutsch/Mike Palese, Deutsch, art directors; Matt Sherman, Deutsch, writer; Brian Friedrich, Deutsch/Mark Peters, Deutsch, associate creative directors; Michael Kadin, Deutsch/Matt Ian, Deutsch, group creative directors; Mark Hunter, Deutsch, chief creative officer; Vic Palumbo, Deutsch, director of integrated production; Victoria Guenier, Deutsch, director of broadcast production; Noam Murro, Biscuit Filmworks, director; Shawn Lacy, Biscuit Filmworks, managing director; Carolina Wallace, Spotwelders/Stephanie Allis, Method, producersl Jay Veal, Biscuit Filmworks, line producerl Dave Stephenson, Deutsch, senior producerl Colleen O’Donnell, Biscuit Filmworks/David Glean, Spotwelders/Joanne Ferraro, Spotwelders/Robert Owens, Method/Scott Ganary, 740 Sound Design/Jessica Locke, LIME Studios, executive producersl Dick Gordon, Spotwelders, editorl Cudjo Collins, Spotwelders/Patrick Murphree, Spotwelders, assistant editors; Stefan Sonnenfeld, Company 3, colorist; Pete Mayor, Method, Fl