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War Child Canada "Jam" PSA

TV/Radio Commercials, Public Service

War Child International protects the development and survival rights of children and young people living with or recovering from the effects of armed conflict. In this poignant new PSA for john st. client War Child Canada, Moxie Pictures demonstrates how the simplicity of a pure, war-free childhood provides a lasting impact. “Jam” features three terrifying situations (machine gun hold-ups, hidden landmines and grenades thrown in public gatherings) in the violent daily lives of youths living in battle-ridden communities all over the world. As each tableau reaches its terrifying, inevitable climax, the situation switches to one of innocence: Following the jarring explosions of these horrific acts, director Henry Lu delivers an unexpected beacon of light, replacing bloodshed with crayons, bubbles and children’s laughter.

Hannah Smit, john st., art director; Keri Zierler, john st., writer; Angus Tucker, john st./Stephen Jurisic, john st., creative directors; Henry Lu, Moxie Pictures, director; Michael Cleary, Soft Citizen, director of photography; Christine Stephens, john st., agency producer; Nick Sorbara, Soft Citizen, line producer; Eva Preger, Soft Citizen/Link York, Soft Citizen/Roger Zorovich, Moxie Pictures/Robert Fernandez, Moxie Pictures, executive producers; Rob Burns, Soft Citizen, head of production; Raj Ramnauth, PosterBoy Editorial, editor.