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Waterloo Gin "Battalion" posters

Posters, Business

Austin, Texas-based Proof Advertising worked with local Treaty Oak Distilling to launch Waterloo Gin—named after the first capital of Texas when it was a republic. To launch the 100 percent locally-made gin, Proof designed the bottle and label and this series of retro Texas revolution battalion flags with aggressive messages that punctuate an attitude of defiance. The flags were hand painted, photographed and then printed as posters that were hung around sampling stations for product introductions at festivals and in-store appearances. Also designed to ship inside the cases of gin that are sent to distributors, liquor stores and bars, the posters will also run as ads in the Fall.

Rob Story, art director; Kathy Farley/Nate Stine, writers; Craig Mikes, executive creative director; Jon Contino, typographer.

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