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What’s There spot for Sochi Paralympics

TV/Radio Commercials, Entertainment

Too often, we see Paralympic competitors as lesser athletes, and we overlook their incredible contributions to their individual sports, and to professional athletics as a whole. The goal of this campaign, produced for the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi, was to show Paralympic athletes as true competitors, both in their respective events and in the eyes of the public. The unique television spots show the athletes not for their superficial disabilities, but their extraordinary abilities.

JP Gravina, art director; Simon Craig, writer; Simon Craig/JP Gravina, associate creative directors; Peter Ignazi/Carlos Moreno, executive creative directors; Gabe Langlois, director of photography; Gord Koch, Ricochet Post, editor; RMW Music, music/sound production; David Quinn, Sons & Daughters, director; Wade Odlum, colorist; Niva Chow, Sons & Daughters, line producer; Jennifer Morrison, agency producer; Liane Thomas, Sons & Daughters, executive producer; Sons & Daughters, production company; Alter Ego/Ricochet Post, post-production companies; BBDO Toronto (Toronto, Canada), ad agency; Canadian Paralympic Committee, client.