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Whataburger condiment packaging

Packaging, Consumer

For years, customers at Whataburger have been asking the burger joint to bottle its legendary Fancy Ketchup. Many have resorted to filling their to-go bags (and sometimes even their pockets) with the little tubs on offer in the restaurants. Last year, Whataburger finally answered the pleas of its fans and began offering its condiments in bottles at retail outlets. To give these beloved toppings a chance to shine on crowded supermarket shelves, Austin-based McGarrah Jessee honed in on Whataburger’s strongest brand iconography: the bold orange and white stripes that are found on cups, fry boxes, to-go bags and even the roofs of the restaurants. The designers brought the stripes to the forefront and let the brand speak for itself. Maybe now customers will stop taking home so many little ketchup tubs—but probably not.

Brian Jordan, writer; Craig Crutchfield, designer; David Kampa, design director; McGarrah Jessee (Austin, TX), ad agency; Whataburger, client.