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Who’s Teaching your Child about Sex? bus shelter posters

Out-of-Home Ads, Public Service

The first line of defense against unwanted teen pregnancy is keeping kids informed about sex. But as most parents know, that’s easier said than done. The “birds and bees” conversation is often dreaded by parents and kids alike. But if kids aren’t informed, myths about sex will continue to spread through schools and neighborhoods. “Who’s Teaching Your Child About Sex?” is a campaign designed to initiate and facilitate an honest, well-informed conversation between parents and kids about sex and pregnancy. The center of the campaign is the Get the Sex Facts website, which offers an interactive quiz about the myths surrounding teen sex and pregnancy. The website is supported by bus shelter posters, television spots and a robust social media campaign.

The campaign, which was viewed over 50,000 times in the first two weeks and was covered by national media, is the latest addition to a long-term Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative led by the United Way of Greater Milwaukee. The initiative has helped reduce the teen pregnancy rate in Wisconsin by 50 percent since 2006.

Mitch Markussen, art director; Nick Pipitone, writer; Gary Mueller, creative director; WonderWonder, editor; Nick Collura, photographer; Anthony Giacomino, retoucher; Quinn Hester, contributing video artist; Kevin Kriehn, information architect; Mark Goldstein, interactive designer; Joe Salvatori, interactive developer; Dave Perry, manager of media services; Heidi Sterricker, producer; SERVE (Milwaukee, WI), ad agency; United Way of Greater Milwaukee, client.