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Whole Foods Brooklyn signage and packaging

Packaging, Consumer

How do you pay homage to a singular place like Brooklyn within an established brand like Whole Foods? New York design firm Mucca worked closely with the Whole Foods team to create an entirely new design language that gives a distinctly Brooklyn edge to the company’s message of craft and quality. The packaging and signage system was developed first for the Whole Foods flagship store in Brooklyn’s Gowanus neighborhood, but the look proved to be popular outside the trendy borough and has since been implemented in stores throughout the Northeast. Whole Foods introduces new products on a daily basis, so each system needed to be flexible enough to fit a wide variety of container types and signage platforms, yet simple enough to produce on a regional scale. Mucca also developed an environmental signage system based on a suite of graphic assets that perform just as well on chalkboards as they do on floor-to-ceiling windows. The systems retain a local feel while being adaptable to the individual needs of markets in different areas.

Andrea Brown, art director; Kathleen Scudder, designer; Matteo Bologna, creative director; Andrew Cagan, project manager; Roberta Ronsivalle, strategy; Mucca Design (New York, NY), design firm; Whole Foods Market, client.