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Whole Foods Market mural

Environmental Graphics, Consumer

This mural at the new Whole Foods Market in Lincoln, Nebraska, takes cues from the city’s history to make the new business feel right at home. The mural is inspired by historical photography of Lincoln’s turn-of-the-century fruit and produce vendors. Eric Nyffeler of Omaha-based design studio Doe Eyed painted over a hundred fruits, veggies and other foods on a wall built out of rustic reclaimed wood. Nyffeler also created a hand-drawn logotype that recalls the early twentieth-century sign painting that can still be seen decorating many of Lincoln’s historic buildings.

Eric Nyffeler, art director/illustrator; Stacey Landino/Christine Sturch, Whole Foods Market, creative directors; Doe Eyed (Omaha, NE), design firm, Whole Foods Market, client.