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Williams F1 identity

Identity, Entertainment

Hat-trick design undertook a two-part identity project for Williams, an engineering company with a long auto racing history. The London-based studio created both a corporate identity for Williams and a trackside identity for the Williams F1 racing team. Hat-trick approached the corporate brand by building on Williams’ famous blue-and-white color scheme, creating a typographic mark based on simple geometric forms and a distinctive beveled W monogram. On the Williams Racing side, the addition of Martini as the team’s new headline sponsor gave the designers an opportunity to incorporate the company’s iconic racing stripes and colors into the team identity for a fresh, dynamic look. The stripes are integrated with the distinctive new silhouette of the car, and hat-trick also drew the stripes in the shapes of all the current F1 tracks, then let the Williams drivers choose their favorite curves for feature graphics.

Rory Brady/Alice Tosey, designers; Gareth Howat/Jim Sutherland, creative directors; John Ross, photographer; Alan Levett, illustrator; Studio Liddell, digital imaging; hat-trick design (London, United Kingdom), design firm; Williams, client.