Woodford Racing posters Exhibit

Woodford Racing posters

The Buntin Group’s posters dramatize the thrill that comes from watching a horse take to the track.

This racing syndicate offers people the opportunity to own and race thoroughbreds as part of a partnership. This poster campaign, by Nashville’s The Buntin Group, dramatizes the elegance, aristocracy and outright thrill that comes from watching “your horse” take to the track. Sent to partners and potential partners the implied positioning in the artistic series is “not just the winner’s circle, the inner circle of thoroughbred racing.”

copy (from top):
You can lead a horse to water and sometimes a horse can lead you to Dom Perignon.

They run in a circle. You watch from a box. In the middle, your stomach becomes a pretzel.

Drive a Porsche 80mph, then open the sunroof and stand up. It's like that.


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