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Wrangler Mileage app

Apps, Consumer

The idea behind the Wrangler Mileage app, created by Hong Kong agency TBWA, is that social media has robbed us of our ability to discover new things. Crowd-sourced reviews, recommendations and news streams mediate every experience, creating what Wrangler calls a “culture of disadventure.” The app encourages exploration by turning the map of a user’s surroundings into a grid that can be unlocked, piece by piece, when a new area is visited. Each time part of the grid is unlocked, data specific to the experience—the location, weather, time, land formations and altitude—are combined by a unique algorithm that generates a Wrangler Mileage number. By tracking a user’s travels over time, the app is able to recognize when an experience is new, and gives customized badges to reward adventurers for doing things they haven’t done before, like being out late on the night of a full moon or climbing high into a mountainous region.

Fung Chan/Joe Choi/Mike Choy, art directors; Lincoln Damen, creative director; Ida Mak, project director; Luke Eid, project creator; Victor Norgren, technology director; Anne Chan, executive producer; Christina Suen, project manager; Terence Ling, senior brand strategist; TBWA Hong Kong, ad agency; Wrangler, client. ...