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Yale School of Management data visualization wall

Digital Displays, Education

Unified Field spent several months working with Yale School of Management on a media plan for Edward P. Evans Hall, a brand-new building on campus designed by Foster + Partners. The focus of the plan was to leverage the building’s two large-scale monitor displays, each covering an area of nearly 240 square feet, for a conference planned to mark the opening of the new building. The displays are visible from both inside and outside of the building, so the visual content had to be high-impact from a distance as well as at close range. Unified Field created a series of data visualizations that changed and cycled in large-scale animations. The designers worked with Yale’s communications staff to build data sets that examined and compared major trends, transforming markets and changing organizations around the world, so the display was able to quickly tell powerful and relevant stories in a graphic language. The project’s massive scale, paired with its minimalist graphic approach, added a strong media presence to the building’s architecture, and was so successful that it is now part of a permanent installation.

Maureen Lin, art director; BobbiJo McCauley, graphic designer; Jeff Miller, technology director; John Singer, programmer; Marla Supnick, project director; Tonian Irving, producer; Unified Field (New York, NY), project design and development; Yale School of Management, client.