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The Zen of Steve Jobs graphic novel

Publications, Consumer

Years ago, Jesse Thomas, founder of Washington, DC-based Jess3 caught an interview during which Steve Jobs talked about his time in Japan and how influential it was on the design of Apple products. Fast-forward to Spring 2011 when Thomas was having lunch with Bruce Upbin, the managing editor of Forbes and pitched the idea of a comic book about the period in Jobs’s life when he was fired from Apple, traveled to Japan and later returned to become the iconic leader of the company. Upbin loved the idea and Jess3 got to work on the reverent graphic novel with Jobs as the protagonist. Halfway through production of The Zen of Steve Jobs Steve Jobs died; it made the project that much more important. “The Zen of Steve Jobs: A Closer Look” details the project.

Christian Day/Noah Smith/Justin Harder/Jehoaddan Kulakoff/Eric Leach, designers; Caleb Melby, writer; Jesse Thomas, executive creative director; James Callahan, lead artist; Leslie Bradshaw/Becca Colbaugh/Jenny Redden, production; Bruce Upbin, editor; Wiley & Sons, publisher. ...