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10AM Communications

Ad agency

Duration: Six years. Staff: 25 (creatives pictured).
Education: Ranging from graphic design and communication studies to the less predictable Chinese studies and zoology.
Cultural Influences: Musically, our influences run a pretty wide cultural gamut. From the European music label, ECM to Mongolian folk songs to Japanese pop. As for writing, everyone has a penchant for quite varied genres: from Chinese authors such as the late Lin Yu-tang and Huang Renyu; to astronomer Carl Sagan, graphic novelist Adrian Tomine and TV writers such as Stephen Colbert. Design-wise, we have too many to name but we would like to mention in particular Peter Saville, Hussein Chalayan, Tobias Wong, Saul Bass, Nagi Noda and Kazuyo Sejima. Environment: We work in a storeroom on the top of an unassuming office building, situated in a part of Singapore, that gets rather seedy after eight p.m.
Philosophy: We work to improve relationships between our clients and the people who might be interested in what our clients have to offer. We find truths relevant to both parties and allow for meaningful connections between the two. Our client roster doesn't read like a phone book and the relationship we share with each is intimate.