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Alex Fowkes


Location: I live between Nottingham and London in the United Kingdom.

Duration: I’ve been a freelance designer since June 2011 and out of university education since 2010.

Education: I studied at Nottingham Trent University and still try to work closely with them, giving lectures and talks to students.

Cultural Influences: A big influence for me is skateboarding and snowboarding, having been a skateboarder for over twelve years. Working in a skate shop in my teens and seeing T-shirt graphics and board graphics influenced me heavily.

Environment: Messy then tidy, all the time. I still work from home with my iMac and laptop at the ready so I can work outside or on the road.

Philosophy: If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs. I use this to remind myself that I have this privilege; that I’m doing this for myself, and no one else.