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Amy Dresser


Duration: I have over a decade of experience as a photo-retoucher but have only worked on isolated illustration projects here-and-there for the past four years. Just this year I've turned my focus from photo-retouching back to illustration. My illustration Web site is still in diapers.

Staff: Me and a heating pad for when I've gone too far and I can't turn back.

Education: A BS in fine arts from Hofstra University and a post-baccalaureate in painting from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Cultural Influences: Everyone on Moshi Moshi Records, obstacles, misheard or misread phrases and other brain or computer accidents, other countries, sound, my spelling workbook from the third grade, colors and patterns that remind me that the '70s actually happened, and the combined effect of Honey BBQ Fritos and Mountain Dew.

Environment: My studio is in my Los Angeles home where my cats can make demands at will. Music is on permanent shuffle. I have a canopy of hanging house plants lining a window, out of which I can see the sky's gradient, shoddy wiring on the building next door and a cat I decided is named "Kissy." Once there was a raccoon on the roof.

Philosophy: I like to prove myself wrong.