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Andy Batt


Duration: In 2005, I found my vision and direction: sports/motion and humor/lifestyle.

Staff: There are two of us, my producer and wife, Therese Gietler, and me. We have an amazing network of freelancers and vendors that allow us to scale to any production needs we have. Our studio is represented in Chicago by Button Represents.

Education: I spent four years at RIT getting a degree in photography and the next five years as an assistant learning how much RIT didn’t teach me about lighting, business and people.

Cultural Influences: It’s an ever-changing mix. Currently it’s filmmakers: Errol Morris, Robert Rodriguez; music:, Gogol Bordello, the Ramones, DJ Spooky, DJ Shadow, DJ BC; humor: Monty Python, Steve Martin, The Office; authors: Neil Gaiman, William Gibson, Neal Stephenson; magazines: Wired, Fader, American Cinematographer; photographers: Cindy Sherman, William Eggelston, Gregory Crewdson; graphic novels: Sin City, The Watchmen, Transmetropolitan; spoken word: Henry Rollins; TV: Battlestar Galactica, Rome; business: Seth Resnick, Maria Piscopo, Seth Godin, ASMP, EP.

Environment: I work in a blank slate of a building—a concrete warehouse—this is the workshop where I build, light and create. There’s lots of music, I think the mp3 server is up to 36 days.

Philosophy: I like to tell stories with my photography—small stories and big stories—and encourage viewers to think past the single image. To envision the motion, the feel, the sound, the results and the causes. I’m fascinated by small changes that can completely change the story. I push myself to create images I haven’t seen before, to give my clients, and myself, a fresh approach.