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Andy Mahr


Duration: I've been shooting professionally for four years.

Staff: It's just me, my wife Christine, and my two kids who usually end up being models. Christine does all the bookkeeping and provides all the support in the world. On location I draw from several talented and experienced assistants, stylists, producers and retouchers. I also have an outstanding rep, Lesley Zahara, in Portland, Oregon. I believe in surrounding myself with talented, fun people.

Education: I graduated with a BFA from Colorado State in 1994. After CSU, I went to the Creative Circus, but my real education came working as an art director for twelve years.

Cultural Influences: Everything and anything. My background as an art director taught me to absorb the world. Photography, painting, film, music, architecture, design, motion graphics, product design, street art, guerrilla marketing—I draw inspiration from any form of art that evokes an emotion.

Environment: I mostly shoot on location and have been lucky to shoot some amazing places. At home I have a small office that I share with my black lab, Chase. It's outfitted with a couple of computers, a scanner, a printer and archiving hardware for backup.

Philosophy: Always evolve. Never become stagnant.