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Andy Wakeman


Duration: I transitioned from advertising to full-time photography less than three years ago.

Staff: It’s just me and a handful of assistants. I'm comfortable working big or small. Sometimes it’s simply the creative director and me, making things happen.

Education: I went to school for design at Central Michigan University. My photo education evolved while working at agencies. I was involved in the entire process—pre-production, shooting, editing and retouching. I learned that photography is so much more than being able to operate a camera.

Cultural Influences: I try to look at current fine art photography, work that is being produced right now is much more interesting to me. And the other obvious ones: advertising, design, film and music. I love when artists balance technical ability and a sense of style and personality to make themselves distinct. The wife, kids and parents round out the list—I couldn't follow this dream without them.

Environment: Wherever I am, I’m looking for the light and the angle, something to make my pictures intriguing and different.

Philosophy: Dig deep, it should be really hard. If it’s not, I don't trust it.