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Annelie Carlstrom


www.anneliecarlstr ...

Duration: I've been working as a illustrator since 2007.

Staff: Just me! But I'm with Woo Agentur in Sweden, and Sticky Stuff in the Netherlands.

Education: I have a BA in graphic design at Beckmans College of Design, before that I went to art school.

Cultural Influences: Nordic culture.

Environment: My studio is located at Södermalm in Stockholm. It's on Hökens Gata, which is a small street leading from an intense shopping street towards a calm square called Mose Backe Torg. I have my own room and in the next room two other illustrators work. It's not so big, but we also have a small kitchen and toilet. The entrance is from the street, so I have a big window, I think it was meant to be a shop. I have a big desk and bookshelves on the walls with lots of books and magazines. I have big plans for the interior design, though it seems like I never have the time!

Philosophy: I try to be as nice as possible.