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Anthony Georgis


Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Duration: I’ve been shooting full time for about five years.

Staff: I push the button on the camera, and I have an amazing team of freelancers that I work with to help me make my vision and the client’s vision come to life.

Education: I paid my dues by working on set as a photo assistant for over ten years. It was the best education I could ever have asked for.

Cultural influences: I love quirky, real people caught in genuine moments.

Artistic influences: I draw a lot from real life. I’m especially intrigued by amateur photography and images that leave room for imperfection and interpretation.

Big break: Shooting for Levi’s on a 30-day road trip across the United States.

Work environment: On set, I like to keep things loose and make room for things to happen organically. I light in a very general way so that I have the flexibility to shoot from different angles and try new ideas. My goal is always to make things look natural and authentic, even when everything going on behind the scenes is super-produced and controlled.

Technique: Good light and simplicity.

Philosophy: Keep moving forward.